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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  August 28, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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now, abc 2 news at 6:30. from a ghost town a beach town, live in ocean city with how the resort is returning to normal following hurricane irene. our annapolis has seen worse, but this time it kept its head above water. how the big a made it through the big eye. the mayor wants your patience as baltimore goes back to living tonight and back to work in the morning. but we're not going back to school in baltimore county. the first day of school will have to wait. no school tomorrow in the
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county. the superintendent is on the phone now. tell us the reason behind the decision. >> obviously, the hurricane impacted the entire area. we are an extremely large school system. we have 65 of our schools without power and it impacts the freezer that stores the food for the youngsters. many of the roads and the communities were downed with wires that impact the routes and many of the schools are in the same communities that exist today without power. >> what about wednesday? would you go on a school by school basis in closing? >> we will make an assessment tomorrow to see how much progress bgs and e can make with their crews. they're on their schedule to try to be responsive to the area. we'll work towards getting the schools open on tuesday and it will be a day by day assessment. >> does losing the day come out
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of the snow day pile? >> it does. we have always booked at least 7 days throughout the year for weather or emergencies like this. >> i thought it would be a false start and start the calendar on tuesday. kids were excited to go. how do you get them ramped up for tuesday's start? >> they're still ramped. i'm still ramped. we'll wait 24 hours and get the game started on tuesday. >> good luck to you this year. the superintendent joining us on the phone. no school tomorrow in baltimore county. we have closings all over and here's the reason why, schools in baltimore county are closed. you can't get past charles street. the wind continues to blow and we're looking at york road, could be your road today. trees could not handle the stress and they cracked under
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pressure. >> you got that right. the peak wind gusts through storm, more of the same, check out bay ridge and cobb island, 73-mile-per-hour winds. 74 miles per hour would be a hurricane. some gusty winds and also what brought the trees down, the fact we had a lot of rain across the area. ocean city around 12-inches and bwi, 3.83-inches of rainfall around 8.15. a little over 8-inches this. we wonder where the storm is now. we have plenty of sunshine into new england and into canada and it's away from us, as we go through the evening, temperatures will be if the 70s, a few clouds and the winds diminish through the overnight hours. we have another tropical storm to talk about coming up. >> no you don't.
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everyone high tail it out of ocean city and now everyone is going back to enjoy the final days of summer vacation. cheryl conners stared it in the eye and i believe irene blinked. >> what a difference 24 hours makes. the sun is setting on us and it's gorgeous out here. we're looking at people on the deck enjoying happy hour and then the ocean, surfers are braving the waves, it's the day after irene everyone was hoping for. the plywood is coming off of businesses. doors are opening again, hurricane irene is in the books without much of a story in maryland's resort town. >> we dodged a missile here in ocean city. >> business owners are breathing easier. they were shut down for a few days but things are getting back to normal ahead of the labor day weekend. >> we lifted everything off of
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the floor so in case there's a surge storm, we lifted the t- shirts and everything off of the floor. >> reporter: some stores lost thousands of dollars but the mayor sticks by his decision to evacuate the city. >> if there were large numbers of people here, the police department would have been put in a bad position because they would have been babysitting the people out on the beach and on the street. >> reporter: about 300 people ignored the warning, but no 9-1- 1 calls went unanswered. here's the damage we found. a portion of the pier is tilted so it's blocked off. the sand piled up, benches are now put back in place an all this hasn't stopped surfers. >> can i help you? perhaps the best sign that all is well, flashers fries are served again. >> this day is better than i
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thought it would be. that's for sure. >> reporter: power outages a problem in the area. thousands of people are still out. residents and business owners were allowed back into ocean city this morning and the general public came in at noon. ocean city getting back to normal after hurricane irene. we're moving into the nighttime hours, you may be wondering if some of the local spots. they're already opened and serving. >> is it just me or did the ocean get bluer since saturday? >> it's a gorgeous shot. a lot of people out there. >> we lost her. >> we've been on the beach too, not much erosion. >> beautiful. thank you. she mentioned about pow rootages, for some, power has been out. wondering when the lights will be back on.
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live in guilford. how are you jeff? >> i'm doing pretty good. the crews are going at it 24/7. look at me, you can almost cry when you see some of the trees wiped out by the winds and knocking customers out of power. we're on mill brooke road, it's the same story on surrounding street, those who have power and those left in the dark depend upon the street, we found neighbors helps neighbors. >> i got cords running to these two houses. isabel in 2003, we didn't have power and they did the same thing. we're reciprocating. >> payback time. >> i didn't have any power this morning. >> you're still out? >> i'm still out now. >> a lot of the men and women same way? >> one downed structure his power is on. two out of the three is off.
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>> this area, bg and e getting ready to roll out. have customers, half of them lost power. we're still standing at 1/3 of the people with no power. they have worked many of them overnight 16-hour shifts we're told, they won't stop until they get the job done. as you heard that man say, a lot of them don't have power but they're not making themselves a priority, just trying to get the job done. linda coming up from bg and e and will answer questions. they have bookstores that mark the spot on the floor of historic floors. irene left its mark. >> this tree sliced into a west annapolis hope is about as severe as the damage got around the capital city. one of eight homes where trees
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puntured roofs or downed power lines. >> does it break your heart to see it? >> yes. >> put a lot of work into the house? >> yes. we lived here for 23 years. >> a letter from the building. >> over in downtown annapolis, the manager had the lift the awning off of the street. the power went out before she could retract the awning and now on the sidewalk. >> we're going the take it a part and we can't put it up today. nobody working on sundays and, yeah, we'll go from there. >> one of few businesses that had any damage, the city never got as high as officials thought it could. the main thing left behind by irene is the darkness, about
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100,000 people -- >> boom, boom, boom. >> transformers blew one after another. down. >> nothing to do so you came out and started to walk around? >> waiting for the bars to open. they should be opening soon. >> reporter: the city of annapolis faired pretty well and they want to be prepared next time. they asked the residents to put them on the curb to be picked up by the city this coming wednesday. in annapolis, abc 2 news. >> the senator gathered at the emergency agency to talk about how the state plans to pay for the hurricane irene cleanup. >> pleased to announce that president obama declared maryland an emergency area. that means that maryland is
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eligible for both fema support an all other federal resources that might be deemed necessary to get maryland back and running again. >> the president's emergency declaration includes aide from fema and the department of homeland security and the authorization mentioned assistance for baltimore city, dorchester, summer set, and the rest of the lower eastern shore. the mayor, stephanie rawlings- blake, updated people in the city. although the storm as passed, there's a lot of work to be done. >> the recovery phase has just begun. we're asking for patience and help as we work our way out of the storm. we have a lot of work to do to clear the trees and we have a lot of work to restore power. >> the mayor wanted drivers
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whose cars were tow, you can pick them up at the edson lot and anyone who picked up san bags from the city you can return them at the same place they were given out. a lot of you are without power. those with power, you have to repeat what you will hear. when do we except to see the light again? and street surfing usa. looking at how salisbury handled irene turning into a splashy saturday aa
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all right, welcome back on this sunday night, irene knocked down trees and power lines across the state. look at this picture a viewer sent us, a downed power line. you can sends your pictures in.
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here she is from bge. how many without pow center. >> about 430 customers without power. >> 430,000. >> 430,000, i'm sorry. we have restored power to 200,000, still a how long way to go. >> the big problems was the trees coming down and the power lines. >> very large trees and tree branches, the debris has to be removed before we get down to the wires. >> we had 7 stories and nine mentioned bge, how about the number one priority is what? >> public safety, public safety. those are our priorities. what we do first is go after the downed wires and the critical infrastructure, 9-1-1 centers, hospitals, water treatment centers, once we get those up and running, we start looking at the work that allows us to restore service to the greatest number of people at a
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time. if there's a particular problem on a line and we know we will bring 10,000 customers back, we will do that before we do the one that will only restore service to 2000 people. there's a process. >> 65 schools are without power. >> that sounds about right. we have schools that are out. we have recognized that. we have to prioritize based on what the system conditions are and the problems are and the goal is to get everyone back, we try to do it in a balanced way. we're not looking at one particular jurisdiction, that's not the only factor thawier looking at. we have to balance the restoration and bring back as many as possible. >> are there communities that will be out for days? >> we definitely believe it will be a multi-day restoration effort. going back to isabel in 2003, we had 7000 customers out of service and took six or -- 6-7
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days. it may not take that long but will take several days, too early to say specifically when. >> thank you, linda. get some rest. >> we'll try. >> or restore the power. >> if i could i would. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. we had a rough start to the morning, but you know what? check it out now. it's gorgeous out this. we are a little bit on the breezy side with the winds to the west at 13 miles per hour. the temperature at 82 degrees. the humidity feeling nice. 44% and the barometer is holding steady. here's what we have in baltimore after the storm passed. it's absolutely gorgeous out there. we'll see more of this as the week goes on. you can see a few of the puffy clouds but plenty of blue skies in the background. we have more into annapolis
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today. check out what the winds from irene did, it knocked the camera off view. we can see the boats coming back across the river, that's some good news as well. checking out most powerful radar, we're dry, we're basking in the sunshine, that's the forecast through time and irene is pushing out of here. i will show you in a second. for now, we're going to be breezy as we go through the remainder of the evening. the good news is the winds calm down and they were really gusting to tropical storm force winds today. that has expired and now winds at 10 into easton and baltimore and into york. hagerstown at 15 miles per hour. all that tropical storm has gone with irene. we're dealing with dry air, the northerly winds knocking down the dew points into the 50s and that's what we have going through the rest of the week here. things definitely looking good.
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the calm after the storm. that's what we like to see. highs today came in about 83 degrees into baltimore and into new york. 84 in frederick and they will stick around for a while. this is what i will show you, this is irene getting out of here and heading into northern new england as a tropical storm, the winds now sustained at 50 miles per hour. it came to us as a category one and did a lot of damage with the winds and the rain but on the backside, we're definitely dealing with high pressure, dry, it's going to be nice for the next several days, future forecast showing you that, we're not going to deal with any rainfall, just plenty of sunshine and temperatures are going to match that as well. we can see what is going on in the tropics, we have tropical storm jose, those winds at 45 miles per hour, overnight, that temperature coming in around 58 degrees. cooler, a lot of sunshine tomorrow. feels good, temperatures around 80. 58 for tomorrow night and check out what we have on the seven-
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day forecast, nice and pleasant. those are the two words you like to hear. there's a chance for a couple of showers to move into the picture. bask in the sunshine through next week. >> we will. thank you. many of us took cover as hurricane irene took aim. not everyone got out of dodge. some hit the streets and took advantage of the flooding caused by the heavy rain. sam shot this of his friends surfing on salisbury. we'll be right back
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look out, you are in long beach new york and look out for the life guard building. it slams into the board walk and it was ripped from its foundation and now pinned and under the board walk water and the winds pushing it towards
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town. get out of here. >> reporting live in new jersey. got too chose to her story. she was standing near the water when a big wave came up and over the spot where they were shooting. she dropped the mic and got out of the way. what photographer is going to work with her again? we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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, we'll see you tonight at 1 1:00. have a safe one.
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